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Dear fashion enthusiasts,


You are cordially invited to join the Style Academy, where the world of fashion intersects with individuality. Our Academy presents a unique opportunity to cultivate your style across three tiers: organizing your wardrobe, discovering your personal style, and attaining the esteemed status of a fashion icon. Drawing from extensive years of experience, I will guide you in uncovering your distinct fashion expression through straightforward tips. By embracing the fundamental principles of style, you will unlock your concealed fashion virtuosity and elevate your personal flair. Embark on a journey of style education with us and uncover your unparalleled fashion potential, exuding confidence for every occasion.


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For personalized consultations, please contact us via email at the link below.


"Beautiful people"


The "Beautiful people" collection is dedicated to our diversity. As a civilization, we move in a terrain where the rules change faster than they are accepted. There is no need to step over the border, because there is none. We jump between different ideas that daily flash in our eyes. We adopted anarchy, "punk" is everyday life. The spirit of the times spoke to me and the idea was accepted. The people I meet are involved in the collection. This time I offer "punk". I don't choose, I don't filter. I combine odd colors, sharpen contrasts. Raw twill ribbons are a fashion accessory. I use it to bind soft knitwear. I roughly iron the fabrics into pleats. All the pieces of the collection are unique, each one pleasantly homely, ”punk” in company.

darilni bon.jpg


Treat your loved one to a personalized style consultation. In just one hour, we'll discover the colors and clothing styles that suit her best.

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