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Arranging the wardrobe

Hello, this time of year offers us an explosion of colors and we also want them in our daily wardrobe after a long winter. Based on our fashion debates that we have, based on current trends and the time of year, I share this tip with you: Now is the time to organize our wardrobe. It's not too late, given that it is still quite cold outside, but spring also requires us to dress in the spring color palette. You've probably noticed that there aren't many clothes in your closet that would inspire you; that means it's time for new style combinations. I just fixed mine this weekend.

How do we do it? I use the Marie Kondo technique. If you don't know her yet, she is a Japanese woman who organizes personal belongings, including wardrobes. I have a closet in which I only have the clothes that I wear in the current season. Twice a year I empty it, then I take each piece in my hands and put them on one of the four piles and bring pile "5" from the basement:

1. pile: pieces that I wear all season (jackets, blazers, black pants, jeans, shirts...) 2. pile: clothes for the autumn/winter season (I put them in the basement) 3. pile: dresses that are missed purchases or I'm tired of them (I also put them in the basement and will check again next season what I will do with them) 4. pile: dresses to submit (dresses from pile "3" that have not passed the test for the second year) 5. pile: spring/summer dresses that have been stored in the basement, I'm also re-sorting those again.

Then I put only the selected pieces (pile 1, 2 and 5) in the closet that I can't wait to wear. From these, I put together styles, check what is missing in my wardrobe (suitable socks, underwear, pants, jackets, t-shirts...) because then it is easier to choose the right pieces in the store, and with this, every year, the pile of "4" decreases and increases budget for new ones. This way I can afford better quality things that I will wear with greater pleasure. When organizing your wardrobe, don't forget about shoes and fashion accessories (handbags, jewellery...) With this way of organizing, we have a better overview of the contents of the wardrobe and because we prepare the combinations in advance, we save ourselves that morning "I have nothing to wear". I realized that I need new pants and a cardigan - I will make it by myself. It will also be easier for me to choose a random piece because I know where I can combine it. I can see myself collecting summer jumpers, so this year I'll wear them more instead of buying them and buy some designer T-shirts that I'm missing. I hope I helped you with advice and inspired you to organize your wardrobe. I also invite you to the studio if you need style advice and, of course, to pick up your new piece of spring knitwear. I wish you a pleasant wardrobe arrangement. And I wave from the studio, Tanja


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