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January news

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

One nice winter greeting from the atelier! I haven't contacted you in quite some time. Why? Since I am preparing a new website, which I planned to publish in December, but since it will be launched a little later, I am still contacting you now from the old one. The new site will have a super transparent online store. The possibility of renting formal dresses will also be a novelty. For those of you who are sustainable and who want a really extravagant outfit just for that event (wedding, prom, valet, gala dinner or some other event). Or maybe you haven't worn a knit dress before and would like to try it on your skin. The good news is that this year will be the Ljubljana Fashion Week again! I hope that nothing will interfere with the plans and we will see each other again after two years at this event. I am preparing a new spring-summer collection, which will include all types of clothes that you like the most. Knitted day dresses, jackets, skirts, new pieces in the leisure collection "Sportivo" and some formal pieces for special events, which should finally come to our "schedules" :) If you want to see what I'm up to now, you can take a look and follow me on Instagram and Facebook. I will be happy if you contact me. I hope you have had a good start to the year and that you are taking care of yourself. Now is the time to organize our wardrobes, put together styles for the coming season, look at what we are missing, maybe some piece that will brighten up the wardrobe, connect it in several combinations. If you need some style advice on this, I'm here for you as always. Be nice! Tanya


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