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Prom dance

A beautiful evening that brings that realization about the transition between two periods of life. Children who are adults at the same time have hearts full of joy and we with them. Katarina and I sketched the dress a month before. According to the rules, a cocktail dress is suitable for a gala evening, such as a prom, which reaches to the knees. To emphasize youth and freshness. But since it is our custom for prom dresses to be longer, we decided to create an elegant knitted dress with an open back that reaches the ankles on one side and slightly above the knee on the other. It has a strong cyclamen color that ranges from red to orange. Like iridescent summer flowers. For freshness, I added lime green and a deep open V-neckline. We added a short cardigan in the same color to the dress. Since the dress is rich in design, we chose shoes in the same color to maintain the elegance. Make-up was also natural, less is more. Hairstyle with a hint of movie divas from the beginning of the last century. If you noticed, Katarina's nail polish is dark blue, so it connects with the outfit of companion Hugo and gives a trendy touch.

We, the companions of our high school graduate Katarina, dressed in matching colors. It is right for everyone to show off their character with their clothes, but it must also fit nicely into the whole. The men were in dark gray and blue dresses, Lucija in calm purples and powder pink, which were lifted by refreshing orange, which was connected to Katarina's dress. Mother, of course, in a classic LBD - a little black dress with an asymmetric top, which unfortunately cannot be seen in this picture. The dangling earrings are stylishly connected to the fringes on Katarina's dress.

When styling an individual, I always consider the whole "story". What will be the event, your company, whether the colors and style are prescribed, the time of year and many other factors. Spring and summer will be full of events, the photos of which will keep our memories for days to come. For these unforgettable moments, I invite you to contact me to help you with styling and choosing clothes, so that you shine in your best image. Call or text me for your appointment! I wave from the studio, Tanja

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