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Tanja Uvera




I'm a fashion designer and this is my studio. This is where unique knitwear is created.

During the last year of my studies, I kept searching for a material which would allow me to fully express myself, from production of the material to the final design. Knitted material turned out

to be ideal. Besides the fact that it allows me to freely combine colors and patterns, it is also

incredibly comfortable.

Each piece of clothing is thoughtfully designed and handmade.

Tanja Uvera fashion atelier
Japanese garden inspired collection


It was autumn when a bright red maple leaf fell gracefully to the ground. Sitting still on the

greenish grass, it captured my eye. I realized summer had gone and had taken with it its gentle breeze blowing through my clothes, when I noticed yellowish and brown leaves dancing around in a whirlwind. The air carries a scent that leads you towards a kiosk. You wrap yourself in a warm scarf and pull your gloves over your hands. You order yourself a large. The hot, slightly charred chestnuts burn your fingers. The more of us there are, the sooner they run out. Time flies when strolling around with friends. Let’s go and listen to them. A saxophone, guitar, bass and piano. This is a cheerful time. The afternoons are already dark, probably in order to see the lights shining brightly from the houses and stalls. There is plenty of time. For a show, an exhibition, a concert and, eventually, for another round. At least 3 New Year’s resolutions burst to live. Then, an explosion. Boom! Bang! To your left – yellow, to your right – white, in between – pink, mixed with green. In military order: magnolia, forsythia, cherry. Emerged all at once, as if there had been no winter. The wardrobe spat out the last hat and hungrily opens its doors. The menu offers a new collection and only your imagination sets limits. Your eyes glance over at the spring scenery, forever saving the most beautiful views. There, where the maple leaf lies, the saxophone, the snowball in your neck, the blossoming cherry tree, the scent of jasmine, the cat in your lap, the friend across the street and the new pair of shoes. Thoughts have fallen onto paper, crawling among the colorful thread, entangled in clothes where they are to eternally remain.

Unique custom made design from collection Beautiful people

Color combination


A wide range of high quality materials and colors allows me to create natural and convincing color harmonies. The colors are harmonized with your complexion, hair and eyes. Since the

colors are custom-tailored to you, they are easily combined with your existing wardrobe.

The color combinations are inspired by nature which features the most beautiful harmonies,

even those we think differently of, such as pink with red and green or blue with brown. Such

color combinations sound more vivid and convincing when we say blossoming apple tree or

sandy beach.

A garment is finished when the colors perform a dance triggering the feeling of capturing life.

Then, they invite your eyes, telling a story interwoven in the meshes.

Custom made dress



The clothes are tailor-made on a dress form where the harmony of colors, design and style

gradually evolves. The garments’ design (or shape) is made with a purpose. Beauty without

function does not survive prolonged periods. When creating a design, I always keep in mind

who will be wearing it or whether it is for a wedding, for work, for travel or whether it is an

evening gown or intended for everyday wear … I also consider the customer’s style; all my

designs are made to be easily combined with the customer’s existing wardrobe, shoes, and

jewelry. They are customized to the customer’s lifestyle. If the garment has an open-back, it is made in such a way that a bra is unnecessary, giving you a feeling of comfort. With graphics and color compositions, it is possible to hide or emphasize whatever we wish.

The garment is complete when we can put it on and have that feeling as if it were a second skin, that it serves us and makes us feel special every time we wear it. Of course, the ideal piece of clothing also makes you wear a smile.

Material and care

My brand Tanja Uvera is characterized by features I think and wish modern clothing should

have. Such clothes make us feel comfortable. Since I use high quality rayon (made from cotton

fibers), cotton, silk and linen, knitwear is cool in the summer. I most often use rayon because

it is a natural material, has a beautiful silky shine, is available in vibrant and sustainable colors and does not retain heat, making it very suitable for the summer – also because of the larger airy meshes knitwear has in comparison to fabric. During the winter, our clothing needs to keep us warm. I then use bulky cotton, which retains the heat, wool and acrylic, for warm coats, dresses, skirts, cardigans, scarves and hats. Due to its typical meshes, knitwear is very comfortable and flexible. It allows us to breathe even after a heavy lunch; it can be worn before, during and after pregnancy , because it adjusts to the body. Knitwear is also worn by kids. With children, knitwear is put to the ultimate test since it has to “survive” all preschool and school antics and shenanigans. After washing, knitwear goes back to its original state. If knitwear is hand washed with a detergent for delicate fabrics, well wrung out in a towel and dried flat on a towel, it will not even need to be ironed. However, if it is ironed, it is suffcient to be steam-ironed. A steam-iron can also be used if you wish to narrow or widen your garment (if the piece of clothing was widened at the waist during pregnancy it should be washed, the waist steam-ironed when dry and then slightly stretched).



My clothes are made with love and are intended to serve you!

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