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Style academy

"Academy" means an institution or community of scholars or artists who maintain, develop and promote standards in their field of expertise. ​

And because standing in front of a full closet and getting something suitable out of it is sometimes a whole science and art, this project is called the Style Academy. ​

It consists of three levels:

1. Tidy wardrobe

2. Own style

3. A fashion icon ​

You can find useful tips in the blog posts.

For personal style advice at the chosen level, write me an e-mail.

urejena garderobaBW.jpg

1ST LEVEL: tidy wardrobe

A tidy wardrobe is the foundation for our neat and recognizable style. It brings peace to our everyday life because we only have seasonal clothes that suit us. At this level, we learn how to keep an organized wardrobe, how to shop wisely, store clothes, maintain them and wear them with love. ​


personal style consultation 1ST LEVEL

2ND LEVEL: own style 

Your own style consists of knowing what type of figure you have, which colors and cuts suit you. We adapt our clothes to our profession and hobbies. We create our own capsule wardrobe, to which we add special seasonal pieces. ​


personal style consultation 2ND LEVEL

Beautiful people04_edited.jpg

3RD LEVEL: fashion icon

The fashion icon has her own style, dressing is an art for her. Her wardrobe is a gallery of collectible pieces that are a feast for the eyes. ​


personal style consultation 3rd LEVEL

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