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Beautiful people sketch

Custom made knitwear



The "Beautiful people" collection is dedicated to our diversity. As a civilization, we move in a terrain where the rules change faster than they are accepted. There is no need to step over the border, because there is none. We jump between different ideas that daily flash in our eyes. We adopted anarchy, "punk" is everyday life. The spirit of the times spoke to me and the idea was accepted. The people I meet are involved in the collection. This time I offer "punk". I don't choose, I don't filter. I combine odd colors, sharpen contrasts. Raw twill ribbons are a fashion accessory. I use it to bind soft knitwear. I roughly iron the fabrics into pleats. All the pieces of the collection are unique, each one pleasantly homely, ”punk” in company.

Unisex custom fashion


Custom made knitwear


This collection was created with a desire to travel and memories of already discovered places. I wanted to transfer into it the feeling given to you by the precious thing you bring from the trip. Every foreign place we visit has its own smell, its own specific colors and touch. Mediterranean places are "softer" and the air smells of lavender, citrus and salt, we blink in the yellow sun and the skin has a different feel. The capitals are strict, there is competition and hecticness in the air, neon lights are the queens of the night and a surprise in the form of progress awaits you around every corner.

Gold gown
Inside Kaleidoscope
Kaleidoscope dress

Custom made knitwear


This winter collection is inspired by an optical instrument kaleidoscope.

By mesmerized feeling when you see moving colors and shapes. 


You are welcome to choose your new autumn and winter style!


Custom made knitwear




This collection is dedicated to a fragile girl in ourselves. A girl who daydreams, who catches butterflies and feeds hummingbirds. Loves to smell flowers and forgets the time. Her soul is pink as evening cloud and her hair smells like morning dew. 


She is light and fresh, her mind is a universe.

cocktail gold dress
Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis dress


Custom made knitwear


Aurora borealis is a night rainbow.


It makes you stare.


It makes you take your time and forget everything around you. 



Custom made knitwear


It's a collection inspired by Japan. It combines Japanese motives like jakuza's tatoos, swimming koi fish, zen gardens, kimonos, the soul of geisha, rising sun and rice fields.


Japanese garden
Akihabara dress

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