Custom made knitwear


Aurora borealis is a night rainbow.


It makes you stare.


It makes you take your time and forget everything around you. 


Custom made knitwear


This winter collection is inspired by an optical instrument kaleidoscope.

By mesmerized feeling when you see moving colors and shapes. 


You are welcome to choose your new autumn and winter style!


Ready to wear



"Private party" is a state of mind.

All you need is comfortable clothes, a group of friends, or just good music to dive into joy.

You can move from exercise to dance or even a party with friends.


We're suggesting several stylings. How to mix and match sporty outfits with unique glammy pieces. 

Join our Private party! 

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Custom made T-shirts



Vintioto is a girl who dares to be herself and lives her dreamlife. Who is pushing boundaries. 

In the begining, I made an illustration of myself riding a bike. It became popular.

Upon a request I create your avatar, jour alter ego printed on Unique T-shirt.

This T-shirt will remid you how easy you can turn your wish to reality.


Custom made knitwear




This collection is dedicated to a fragile girl in ourselves. A girl who daydreams, who catches butterflies and feeds hummingbirds. Loves to smell flowers and forgets the time. Her soul is pink as evening cloud and her hair smells like morning dew. 


She is light and fresh, her mind is a universe.


Custom made knitwear


It's a collection inspired by Japan. It combines Japanese motives like jakuza's tatoos, swimming koi fish, zen gardens, kimonos, the soul of geisha, rising sun and rice fields.



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