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Invitation to LJFW

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

This blog is also an invitation to see my new collection "Beautiful people" from the front row. Ahead of us is the biggest fashion event in Slovenia - Ljubljana Fashion Week LJFW. It will last from 2-6 October 2023 in the renovated Center Rog. The Rog is known for its industrial architecture, history and unique atmosphere. I should mention that I presented the final student collection in it, so I have fond memories of it. It will now host this prestigious LJFW fashion event as the first event after the renovation. This 14th edition will be the biggest so far. I also have a musical surprise for you. My wish to have live music at the fashion show came true. Well, it won't be a complete surprise, because our cooperation has already been revealed in the media. Namely, on the initiative of the organizer Melinda Rebrek, we prepared a very special mix of music and fashion with Maribor rapper Emkej. The message of my new collection "Beautiful people" interweaves confessionally with his poetics. I dedicate the collection to our individuality and welcome the continuation of the motto: "Life is too short to wear boring clothes." To watch the fashion show from the front row, let me know your first and last name and the number of friends who would come with you.

EMAIL ME FOR TICKET AT: or call me at 041 832 238. I look forward to your presence so that together we can create a perfect fashion experience at LJFW in Rog, 02.10.2023 at 20:20. Tanja

About collection "Beautiful people"

The "Beautiful people" collection is dedicated to our diversity. As a civilization, we move in a terrain where the rules change faster than they are accepted. There is no need to step over the border, because there is none. We jump between different ideas that daily flash in our eyes.

We adopted anarchy, "punk" is everyday life.

The spirit of the times spoke to me and the idea was accepted. The people I meet are involved in the collection.

This time I offer "punk".

I don't choose, I don't filter. I combine odd colors, sharpen contrasts. Raw twill ribbons are a fashion accessory. I use it to bind soft knitwear. I roughly iron the fabrics into pleats. All the pieces of the collection are unique, each one pleasantly homely, ”punk” in company.


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